Le Beau: Capturing Beauty Through Lens



French croissants in Toronto by Ukrainian woman.

What a beautiful day was when I first tried croissants from Le Beau. My friend Fatima brought me one to try and I fell in love. We decide to drive down there the next day to pick up more and let our friends try as well. I couldn’t miss a chance to take pictures.

The place is pure aesthetic with minimal design but a French vibe.

I truly love both: croissants and the place.

The address is  665 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON, M5A 0P4, Canada.

Also, I found out that the owner and the main backer is Ukrainian - Olga Spivak, who has a spectacular experience at a renowned patisserie in Paris. That was such a surprising fact which made me so proud of Ukrainians.

Believe it or not but this place seems to be people’s favorite. I skimmed through all the reviews on Google and that’s what people say:

“Highly recommended if you are looking for a satisfying pastry fix!!”

Best Coffee in the neighborhood

…come early for a full selection, they are sold out really quickly.”

So, yeah, we have such great places here in Toronto.  Enjoy photo & video and I hope it will inspire you to visit Le Beau.

Thank you.